Crypto 2022 Trading Diary

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CryptoV's trade journal # 33500 was closed out, with a profit of 14.5% of the total size of this order. 5 %. Unfortunately, the net value did not break new highs, so I will continue to share the trading plan.

To review: this trade 39291 flat more after 38105 open short, all the way to add 3 times plus full positions, position ratio reached 147 %, from the highest floating profit of 33% of the total size to this morning 33500 short when the real profit of the total size of 14 . 5 %.

Crypto 2022 Trading Diary


Why can't you close the position at the bottom? Because the system does not have this feature. The system can not identify where is the lowest point, and my system of closing positions in order to maximize the trend extreme, increased the time series, that is, must be reached at the same time price and time to close positions, the absence of one can not.


So the disadvantage is that when I encounter this extreme rally I have no way to eat to maximize the market. So why not change it?

Because the disadvantage of the retracement strategy is that once the trend recovers again, the profit will also be reduced after opening the position again, and in the past tens of thousands of trading cycles thousands of transactions back-tested, my system is my CTA optimal solution.


So keep it up. The next position opening plan is in the comments.

I have recently made some details of my trades public, the number of times is definitely limited and I won't keep making them public.

As you can see, there are detailed plans and data to support both the margin rate, leverage multiplier, long/short plan at any point in time, stop loss after the deal, etc.

In other words: "Any point in time, any subject, any price, whether or not to hold a position, there is its corresponding detailed and thorough plan, and basically only related to their own position ratio, and has nothing to do with whether you are 10,000 or tens of millions

. A trader who starts with tens of thousands of dollars can also do tens of millions, and a recreational player who starts with tens of millions of dollars is likely to be in the same place for decades or even lose it all. The point is not to have more money, nor to dare to gamble.


Plan the deal and execute the deal." Remember! I am not shouting at you to follow the single, because the win rate is not high and you will have a hard time sticking to my strategy, besides others' must not be as good as your own.


My aim is to remove most people's misconceptions about trading, as a professional trader really do justice to professional traders!

Trading is not today and read a few tens of thousands of words, how many cold showers, not to mention how many times the shuttle, and a few years old this year. Trading is such a boring, tedious, monotonous, uninteresting and anti-humane type of work, always struggling with the unpleasant, pay does not equal the harvest of the odd business.

If you have any misconceptions, prejudices, or are suffering from trading, perhaps my trading plan can provide you with some help. Not necessarily the right one, just a way. CryptoV's Trading Diary #


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