Features and advantages of SOLANA Eco compared with other EVM compatible chains

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Today the price is not the same anymore. The main reason for writing is that I feel that even if the current price, there is still room for the network to keep up with the wave (see 5-10 knife, in fact, the pattern does not have to be too large to do, the 28th unlock IDO coins are not afraid, there is not much at all), Solana ecological underestimation is too serious, similar to the BSC ecological valuation at the end of 20, SOL price so high unreasonable. And hubbleprotoco investment lineup is too luxurious, the article will have.

The second reason is that if I want to talk about other SOLANA projects in the future and how to use stable coins in SOLANA to chase some better returns than other chains, I still need to talk about USDH and need such an article.



So I changed my mind, this one, I'll refine it and send it anyway. Please be patient and read it.

The whole article talks about two things.

1 The features and advantages of SOLANA ecology and other EVM compatible chain comparison, why I think Solana ecology will explode big time and just recently. Almost ignore the risk of the general market will explode a wave. Count me as a prophet hopper. (Don't just look for the wealth code, check it out)

2 hubbleprotoco protocol.


pavement: you first need to have a basic understanding of Solana. sol staple is high confirmation speed (low latency), low GAS

Part 1

The first part is to briefly explain my understanding that DEX is mainly an order book, in addition to AMM (which is responsible for price discovery/pricing of some long-tail assets), and SBF chose to do SRM because it is an order book DEX. order book is more suitable for larger volume of traditional financial market makers coming in and something like on-chain perpetual contracts. Otherwise, think about these things mentioned above in the BSC, ETH L2, can meet it? To the current point of view, the difference is too far, SOLANA although also congestion, but in comparison, much better.

In addition to raydium such, I will slowly look for Solana above the mark. Why, SOL this coin and this chain is a bit of an aberration, the coin price has been pulling, but the ecology above, in addition to the SBF family bucket, the total market value is not high, good institutions and particularly love to invest.

In contrast to other chains, is not the same, for example, before a bunch of exchange public chain, even CRO such, are first EVM, and then the chain ecology has a wealth creation effect, in turn this coin in which there is GAS + basic transaction on the function, fierce pull. Right? Of course SOLANA later will also be compatible with EVM, they invested in the team to do.

The second part

The point is, the project I am looking at today is called: hubbleprotocol

First of all, what does it do and what does it do with its platform coin HBB.

1 hubbleprotocol=Makerdao+Venus variant+anchor.

It supports the use of SOL, FTT, SRM, ETH, BTC, USDC to deposit the agreement to overcollateralize (about 90% of the maximum percentage, but do not follow this, it will be liquidated) to mint and lend the stable coin USDH.

The wonderful thing about it is 2:1 support revolving loan, you lend USDH, you can continue to buy its licensed collateral assets, and then continue to borrow. (Don't touch if you can't calculate the collateral rate and liquidation line, this money doesn't belong to you to earn)

2 general lending agreement, the borrower can lend the depositor to deposit the assets of the agreement, but not here, what is the impetus for the deposit? Especially revolving loans.

The answer is: it is similar to Anchor, which supports the player's own choice to let you deposit the assets of the agreement to find revenue within the Solana ecology, and deposit money also has revenue.

Together with the revolving credit just mentioned, the theoretical 11 times leverage. When you understand the mechanism of this system, you will know that its late TVL growth is very scary (don't rush to revolving loan, don't play if you don't understand)

Borrow USDH, charge a one-time 0.5% cut-off interest rate, and then will not continue to charge. Unless your collateral assets are liquidated.

Summarize: deposit the assets it allows in this platform, then you can overcollateralize to lend USDH at a high collateral rate. and the assets you deposit can help you find the low-risk income you think you can.

HBB related: total 100 million pieces, now circulating less than 600W pieces. According to the 0.6U count, 360W U market value, not on the small house, 0FTX more not on. The current price, the largest supply of market value is only 100 million U. (Here is the time to write yesterday, today's circulation market value of their own calculations.)

What can HBB do with: capture agreement income, agreement income from chopping interest, 85% of the agreement income to HBB pledgers. (emphasis added)

Pre-USDH application scenario from cooperation with other SOLANA projects, such as Crema FinanceO web link ... Figure 1. around 40% APY.

Of course pre-solana ecology is not so good, so in addition to external expansion, internal USDH application scenario is important.

USDH pledged within the platform, with HBB mining income. (emphasis added)

Part three.

Counting stable and stable coin business if you want to big success must have the corresponding public chain resources + resources of luxury institutions to promote. The absence of one is indispensable. Reference LUNA, USDC, DAI (Makerdao)

The supporters of hubbleprotocol are Figure 2 and Figure 3

In the three arrows, Definance, Jump Capital, Solana Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Parafi, Solana venture, hashkey are not quite enough to see.

These institutions, search for yourself, three arrows, Mechanism to the front of the station, go to the other chain what market value.


To buy HBB, in huobi, kucoin are

DEX, the main liquidity in Orca O page link

To calculate the risk, if you want to calculate yourself. I'm too lazy to write. Should not have no awareness of this point.
Q4's plan: USDH integration to Solana Pay

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