Develop a signal to open and close a position, and then execute it

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Develop a signal to open and close a position, and then execute it. It's not about how accurate the signal has to be or how high the probability is, it's just about having it.

Because there is no signal that can achieve a high win rate and high profit/loss ratio for a long time. There is none! So what to do?



Our aim is to do trend trading, i.e. keep trying to make mistakes until we catch the trend in a wave and make a profit. So the win rate is not important to us on the right side at all.

What matters is that we can control the losses at each trial and error! We can only control the loss! That is, each time we try to open a position wrong only a little loss, a little less loss, loss I can accept, I can calculate, and then wait for the right one to appear.


People who can do the above can basically be profitable.

Is it important to open and close a position signal? I just look at the weather forecast to open and close trades are fine! I do long on a sunny day, and close long on a cloudy day after a sunny day; short on a rainy day, and close short on a cloudy day after a rainy day. On a sunny day followed by a rainy day, I close long and open short directly! Rainy day directly after sunny day, I will directly flat short and open long. No problems whatsoever.

The important detail here is, how do I do in the open more open short to the time according to the weather control position? For example, the temperature? I can measure the temperature, different temperatures represent different degrees of weather intensity, household pounds to I want to open different sizes of positions, but I will always control I each time all only lose a percentage of my total position!



As a polytechnic student, is to do the transaction in this way. Doing trading method is not difficult, just need to climb in the market for a few years, plus a little mathematical mind can be.

The hard part is the mindset! # CryptoV's Trading Diary

Please ask a question, what do you think are the main exit signals for the end of a trend?

CryPtoV says: many, for example, a break below the support line of the past N K lines that is the lowest price, for example, a break below MAZOO, for example, a dead fork in MACO, or even more cautiously, a break below 10% of the price you opened your position can be Winging the most who is not important, all signals in different cycles, different periods, each signal has its own different probability, but you must observe only one signal or a fixed signal, the signal Can not change, shall be fixed, which is the mechanical system. The signal is not the most important.


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