Thoughts on DAO

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About DAO thinking.In fact, I personally believe that many DAOs have gone astray and are simply blind DAOs for the sake of DAOs: most of the DAO participants are speculators who are overwhelmed by desire and pay for unreal stories; they simply cannot participate in community building and contribute to the development and growth of the community; the final outcome of most DAOs is Most people's money is slowly sucked away by a few people in the community and the market.


For most ordinary people, what is involved in a hobby club, we get together to make decisions is a pseudo-need, without the original interest and desire to drive, it is difficult for you to generate a sense of participation and achievement. If you want to establish a DAO of everyone for me, me for everyone, hello, me for everyone, a strong atmosphere and vitality, the theme of this DAO personally believe that the following conditions need to be met.


1. the immediate needs of most people; 2. a lower skill threshold, everyone has a sense of participation; 3. cool; 4. the pursuit of better service requires a higher premium; 5. community members, both builders and participants can get positive incentives.

Therefore, Ama designed a DAO that can meet the above so conditions: Cao Pi DAO; the following is my simple conception of Cao Pi DAO.

The main idea of Cao Pi DAO community is: eat and drink to RIP.

Cao Pi DAO is the prototype of F2E (Fuck-to-Earn): you can either play through Cao Pi DAO until you feel good; or maximize the realization of your batch through the free market and earn until you feel good. There is no intermediary pumping, no mispricing due to mistrust in the Web 2.0 world, and a win-win situation for all members of the community.


$FUCK is the governance token of Cao Pi DAO, with initial allocation to: community vault, provide liquidity in DEX, airdrop to community builders and early community LSPs, and marketing promotion.


LSPs can buy FUCK and pledge FUCK to get community members' ROLE, and community members can bid freely through the bidding channel in Cao Pi DAO Discord, and both sides pay with FUCK TOKEN through Money-Stream-type DAPP after the transaction is reached.

Cao Pi DAO also has an evaluation system, where each pair of community members can evaluate each other in the evaluation system after completing spiritual and physical sublimation: face value, length, cups, time, experience, whether the body is healthy, etc.; all evaluations are uploaded to the chain and cannot be tampered with. The higher the rating LSP, the more popular it proves to be and the higher the asking price can be in the future bidding. If a transaction cannot be completed for some reason, a certain number of points will be deducted, and those with serious circumstances will be kicked out of the community after a community vote to destroy their pledged tokens.


In this way, losers who usually have no resources, no channels and no ability to Cao Pi can find their own happiness in Cao Pi DAO by buying FUCK TOKEN; and fairies and princes who want to cash in can also cash in their batch through Cao Pi DAO.

The higher the community heat, the higher the value of FUCK TOKEN, the more income to be realized; and the introduction of the evaluation system also maximizes the elimination of dishonest business practices, to achieve accurate pricing, there will be no Alto car selling Audi price.

Everyone is a builder, everyone is a participant; to achieve WEB3.0, or rely on LSP.


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